Focus on Christ: Philippians 3

Focus on Christ: Philippians 3
By Khai


We cannot focus on 2 things at once

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” ~Albert Einstein

• “Finally” (NIV: “further”)
• “Come we see”
“Lest we forget”
The focus is on Christ!
• Rejoice in the Lord – in our heart
• Joy is in God (not work, service, etc) as all else will fail
• Take eyes off Christ & sink (re: Peter
• Watch out! Beware! 3x in KJV (emphasised)
• Circumcision… Of the heart
• Worship = Service
24×7 in whatever capacity, in all you do
• V3: Trinity seen
• Jews proud people knowing chosen by God; rich heritage; both parents Jews (born with – not by action)
• Pharisees religious people who wanted to please God… but astray
• V7-8: “consider” repeatedly & came to conclusion “count them… everything… a loss… because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ”
• Justification = righteousness from Christ
• V10: I want to know Christ – It’s all about Christ
• Does Paul not know Christ after ~30years? Paul still wants to know Christ even more!
• Resurrection power (dynamite!); suffering participation; Christ-like death (baptism); resurrection
• Willing & want to participate in His suffering. Not to add to His suffering… but to know & follow Him
• To die is gain as doesn’t end with death but attaining resurrection in body, spirit & soul
• Resurrection EX-anastasis (the out- resurrection) from the dead (Greek)
• Work out our salvation – needing to do our part for the salvation God has given to us
• Beginning to end… concentration on finishing line (like Olympic 100m runners)
• Forget what is beside you or holding you back. Be like a horse with blinkers.


• V15: mature Christian should be thinking as such
• If doesn’t make sense, God will make it clear to you
• V17: Paul exhorts us to follow examples & being careful to be an example; to mentors others & be role model
• Proud of & having goals in things they should be ashamed of
• We are all aliens (Still important as we preach & want to bring people along with us or heaven)
• Eagerly awaiting the victorious one

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