Penang Assemblies Seniors’ Fellowship

PASF was formed in 2005 & its members consist of senior members of the 6 brethren assemblies in Penang, namely:-
  1. Island Glades Gospel Centre
  2. Burmah Road Gospel Hall
  3. Sungai Nibong Gospel Hall
  4. Sungai Ara Gospel Hall
  5. Butterworth Gospel Hall
  6. Bukit Mertajam Gospel Centre 


Our main aim is to organise meetings & activities for members to interact, fellowship & to strengthen bonds of friendship & love for one another. Another objective is to encourage members to live active & joyous life for the Lord, even in our golden age.


Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10am, we have senior’s fellowship at IGGC.

For our quarterly fellowship meetings (held once in 3 months), we usually invite speakers to talk to us on Spiritual/ Health/or other professional matters. Attendance at our meetings is around 60 – 70 people. 

PASF also organises Cuti-Cuti Malaysia as well as overseas trips for its members.
PASF is also an instrument to pray for the needs of its members and their respective assemblies, (through emails, sms or whatsapp).
Finally, PASF, with its meetings, gatherings & fellowship trips hopes to reach out to other senior non-believers.
Please pray for PASF.
Thank you & God bless.

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