Solomon’s Wisdom

Solomon’s Wisdom
By Johnny


Ecclesiastes 1

Knowledge of what is right & for wrong is NOT the same as doing what is right & wrong.
God wants all of us to have a change in life.
Solomon looked to the finest things in life to see what he could derive the greatest pleasure from.
When a person has something, he/she always wants more. Eventually gets to the point there is little excitement/enjoyment.
Solomon built palaces & beautiful architecture.

We need to be thankful for what God has blessed us with – however much/little.

Truths about pleasure
• If we are concerned on pleasure we may become selfish
• People who exploit others for pleasure usually end up being despaired
• Possessions, money, pleasure & fame will not give lasting pleasure.

When you pass away, do you want your eulogy to talk about the amount of pleasure you’ve had or your legacy and things you have done.

We are to get out of that & know what He wants us to do in our lives.
We are God’s channel to bring hope & joy to others.

Look at your life. We are going to account to God.

God says love me with your strength.

“Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭22:37‬ ‭NIV‬‬

The Lord is not against us having a good life but what we need to do is for Him to be the centre of our lives.

No matter how successful in life a person may have, sorely lacking if the person does not have a loving relationship with the Lord.

God has placed within us the HS to help us. For us to be immersed in Him.

In situations we need help, know that God is there for us. Our present situation need not be our conclusion.

Set our minds on heavenly things.
Not on what we can get for now but what will have in the future.
God is our sustenance & he gives us our providence.
Be aware of what God is doing in our lives.
We have a common purpose & common Alice.
Let us move as the way the Lord wants us to.

To allow the winds of God to direct us in our lives.

Watch Night Message

Watch Night Message
By Cheah


Love the Lord your God.
Joshua reminded the people that not one promise of God failed.
They had forgotten God and His commandments until God’s reminder.

See opportunities for service to the glory of God as we see the year 2017 ahead of us.
Leaders care about the right things and they care in the right way – an attitude of attentiveness and what happens next..
God may place countless opportunities before us but we may miss them if we are not prepared to lead.

Moses cared and delivered the Israelites from Egypt.
David card and brought the kingdom back to the Lord
Esther cared at the risk of her life to save her nation from genocide.
Jesus cared and died on the cross for us.
Versus people with a couldn’t be bothered attitude.

Lessons learnt:
• Caring attitude
• Attentiveness
• Serving opportunities
• All these are to glorify God

Nehemiah was careful and wise.
Theme in Nehemiah is Godly leadership but is beneficial to everyone.
God has been with Nehemiah at the restoration of the wall.

In this assembly, all the names of people are known.
There are opportunities for service for everyone.
If on any duties, do your job & give your best.
Whatever you do, Christ is preeminent.
A call as well to all who have believed and are not baptised yet, to do so.
For all of us to be punctual, have our hearts settled and give God preeminence.

May we place importance on loving you, praising you and enable us to do your will as we come into the new year.