About Island Glades Gospel Centre (1970 – present)

“Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ. Now I praise you, brethren, that ye remember me in all things, and keep the ordinances (lit. traditions), as I delivered them to you.” I Cor. 11:1, 2

Island Glades Gospel Centre (IGGC) is part of Burmah Road Gospel Hall, the oldest assembly in S.E. Asia. As such it has inherited a Rich Heritage which goes back to 1855 when Mr. Bausum of Swiss assemblies commenced assembly work at 35 Farquhar Street in Penang. He was joined in 1859 by Mr. & Mrs. John Chapman who had been commended from Bristol, UK.  Later other missionaries joined them and branched out to the other states in the then known Malaya.  BRGH would celebrate the 150th anniversary of assembly work in Penang in 10 years time.

This in turn means that IGGC is also part of a great movement that began in 1825-30 in England, Scotland and Ireland and which later spread to Europe commonly referred to as the brethren Movement. Hence, IGGC is part of a Rich Heritage that has continued down to the present.  She must safe-guard and uphold this simple love for the Lord, His Word, the Gathering of His people and the Reaching out into Regions beyond to spread the Light of the Gospel, and at the same time she must continue to have Fellowship with BRGH, her sister assemblies in Penang, and all brethren in Christ in Malaysia and in the World-wide Church.

IGGC Silver Anniversary Thanksgiving Service in 1995
IGGC Silver Anniversary Thanksgiving Service in 1995


IGGC’s Progress

Since the opening of IGGC on March 9, 1970, IGGC has made tremendous progress under the initial leadership of Mr. Daniel Jevaraj, and Mr. Wilson and later Dr. Lim Seang Chye and their wives and members of the first and subsequent Workers’ Committees. Then on July 2, 1972 some believers from BRGH moved to IGGC permanently to hold its first Lord’s Supper in its new premises.  Exactly ten years later, IGGC became a fully independent assembly with their own Oversight.

IGGC had joined BRGH in a number of projects: They were together in organising Bible Camps, in launching the first Residential Bible School in 1972, in holding various combined conferences, in starting the work at Sungei Nibong Home and Centre, etc. Together with Sungei Nibong Gospel Hall, it has launched out in starting new work at Sungei Ara in 1987. It is also involved on its own and with other assemblies in many other projects over the years.  Its members have gone out as missionaries to serve the Lord in various countries in the world.  It has its own local missionaries. Mr. Stefan Khoo has been with IGGC since 1980 and Mr. David Jevaraj is now serving at Sungei Nibbong after he returned from the States last year.

Much of IGGC’s progress must be attributed to the hard work of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Jevaraj and Mr. & Mrs. Wilson in the early stages. Later they were ably supported by Dr. and Mrs. Lim Seang Chye and a Working Committee which developed into the present group of Elders and Deacons.

IGGC members at BRGH new main dedication service in 2013
IGGC members at BRGH new main hall dedication service in 2013


Mr. Wong Chee Seng
Mr. Cheah Eng Huat

Dato Dr. Lai Fong Hwa
Mr. David Kam
Mr. Chen Choon See
Mr. Johnny Goh
Mr. Lee Khai

Island Glades Gospel Centre
18-20, Jln Yeap Chor Ee,
11700 Island Glades

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Firstly, I sincerely wish to apologise this is not my comment. It is a request to look for a teacher who had taught in my hometown.
    Is very pleasant to know about Island Glades Gospel Centre. I am from Kuala Kangsar. And currently I am residing in Kuala Lumpur. Way back in 1978, a school teacher by the name of Ms. Khoo Yue Li taught in Kuala Kangsar. And I do remembered very well that, she once told me that she attended ISGC.

    It had been 34 years, I have no contact with this wonderful and understanding teacher. Can you please any of the members of ISGC assist me into contacting Ms. Khoo Yu Li ?

    And no member from Kuala Kangsar Gospel Hall are able to assist or merely remember her.

    I can be reach at my electronic mail.

    Thank you so much and GOD BLESS,

    We have forwarded your query & replied you with information regarding Ms Khoo Yu Li.
    I do hope that you manage to get in touch with your former teacher.
    God bless!

  2. What time is your Lord’s Supper on Sunday mornings?
    I used to worship at BRGH and will be in Penang this weekend. BRGH service is at 9:00 am and I can’t attend as I’ve a flight at noon to catch. Thanks

  3. Hi Sonny,

    Thanks for asking. Lord’s supper is at 8:30am with preliminary singing starting from 8:15am. We end usually by a shade after 10am.

    Our schedule of meetings is available here.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if there is a Christmas Eve service?

    Hi Sarah, We are having a Christmas Day service from 8:30am (Singing starting at 8:15am) ending with a Christmas day buffet lunch. We are also having a Christmas Eve gathering from 7pm-10pm on December 24th.

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