Communication with God

Communication with God.



– God too busy for you?

Mark 8:1-3 (Jesus show care physical needs/hunger/feeding crowd although he is probably tired with teaching & traveling 3days)

– Too busy for God?

Matthew 6:25-33 (Worry eat/drink/wear… Do not worry – God knows you need them)

– We need to spend time daily with God. When we are busy, stressed out & have no time, that’s when we need to spend DOUBLE THE TIME with God.


Learn about spending quality time communicating with God.


Why God – Why does God want you to communicate with Him?

– God of relationships

– God talks directly with Abraham, Moses, etc

– He is our Father

– To love God & be loved

God wants you to love Him, honor Him & have regular communication with Him

Illustration (I): Dating tackle bf/gf or marriage keep relationship on fire. Gifts. Show love. Spend time. Most important to talk & communicate. To really know each other.

Application (A): How would you describe your personal relationship with God? Do you desire to know God a little bit better every day?


How God – How does God communicate with you?

– As the Father speaking to His child

– As the Word of God (the Bible) speaking to your heart

– As the Holy Spirit’s small soft voice guiding your thoughts & actions

God communicates with believers through His Word, prayer & people

I: Hungry? Feel like eating McD can eat in restaurant, drive thru, call delivery or order online. Likewise we have a gracious & accessible God.

A: How often do you spend time reading His Word? Do you worship, thank & talk with God throughout the day?


By God – What is God’s plan for you?

– (Genesis 1:28) Be fruitful & multiply

Not have a dozen children & ask your children to have dozen children (forming your own football team…)

Fruitful in showing & sharing fruits of the spirit

Multiply in sharing the gospel & being used by God to plant seeds in others

God created us to love God, obey God & enjoy His presence

– Come after Jesus – deny self, take up cross & follow Jesus (Mark 8:34)

Christian life not one of wealth & prosperity. Involves hard work, painful lessons & even persecution.

God’s plan is perfect

A: Will you stop trying to control own destiny? Will you seek to know His will & purpose for you? Only way is to know God & communicate with Him.



We have an amazing God!

– Only religion we call our God Abba Father

– Where He is omnipresently everywhere – even within you

– Where His Word speaks directly to us

– Your father is knocking the door. Won’t you speak with God more?