Mission Evening, CMCT

Missions Evening at BRGH. Sharing on Christian Missions Charitable Trust Work in India, Chennai by founder Dr Colleen Redit, Aaron Moses & Ezekiel.
Dr Colleen M Redit on self & CMCT Background
  • Called at age 24 young girl followed an elderly missionary
  • Started teaching 1 girl crafts & God’s Word in a garage
  • Today 27 ministries, over 366 staff including 30 full time social workers who all meet together at chapel service every morning to worship God & study Bible together as one family
  • Went by faith. Trust Him & see if it’s His will.
  • Prayed for more space. Given 3 gifts equal exactly 10% down payment.
  • Run primary & secondary school free for slum students; hospitals; 6 soup kitchens; leprosy rehabilitation program; wheelchair ministry (part of social ministry); street children ministry; orphanage; screen printing unit; industrial training institute; boys & girls rally (Young Christians brigade similar to guides/scouts)
  • All ministries emphasis on teaching the Bible
  • Haven of Hope handicraft center with crafts made by 95 girls/ladies (slums, abusive husbands, etc)
  • Today, India facing challenge of churches persecuted; churches burnt down; Christian organisations persecuted
Aaron on Rainbow Ministry of Hope (HIV/AIDS ministry)
  • 3m people in India with HIV (a major concern)
  • People with HIV/AIDS have stigma, ostracized from society & even family rejection
  • 300+ participants being helped in HIV/AIDS ministry
  • CMCT provides food & nutrition as many live in poverty


Ezekiel on Bridge Gospel Church
  • Started 4 years ago; At 2 locations; Bible-focused Ministry
  • Reach local believers through medical ministry
  • Recently 37 believers baptized & 4th baptism held
  • Please pray for church & work
How can you help?
  • Being a faith partner praying for God’s daily provision
  • Sponsor a child/family (1600+ children)
  • Support a soup kitchen
  • Support a free Medical camp
  • Support General needs of this ministry
  • Short Term Mission to India (4-15 members; typically 10-15 days)
  • More info: CMCT Website
  • Q: Inquiry on Dr Colleen’s health?
    A: Thank you for praying. Spinal surgery successful. Knee operation went well.
  • Q: What opposition is faced?
    A: The Lord’s covering has been on CMCT ministry. Have the trust of people. Especially tsunami village but able to share gospel. Difficult for foreign funding. Income tax very detailed questioning. A need to be very careful with forms & how staff goes out speak to people. Praise God no problems despite opposition.
  • Q: How is the succession planning for CMCT?
    A: Very good structure. 5 people on executive members working alongside & taking responsibility. All projects have heads & assistant heads. Board members around the world. Praying for successor.
  • Q: HIV/AIDS medical cost very expensive especially drugs. How does CMCT cope?
    A: Yes costs very expensive but actually India government providing free treatment. Patient must go to hospital monthly else medical staff will visit. CMCT provides free general medical treatment & helps support specialist doctors.
  • Q: How is HIV transmitted in India?
    A: 94% sexually transmitted. CMCT focuses on women & children as more vulnerable & high suicide rate. Often men away for ling & contract HIV sexually. Often don’t realize until woman is pregnant & test scans reveals.
  • Q: Challenges & advice growing missions & ministries?
    A: Keep eyes on the Lord. People will disappoint. Trust by faith. Must have very strong relationship with God. Seek His will. By faith.