APAC 2016 – Day 3 H2

APAC 2016 day 3 2nd half

Overcoming Challenges: HK
By John Short, Austin Avenue Gospel Hall


Priests back in the day added oil & trimmed the lamps
“Jiayu!” We need to add oil!

Thank God for all who are full time.
And we are ALL full time Christians.

Stop daydreaming as in daydreaming you’re the hero
In prayer, God is the hero

The return of the Lord Jesus is imminent

Mission: to know the complete gospel of Jesus Christ

Imprisoned as refused to accept politically appointed person as head of church
As Jesus is the head
A body without a head is lifeless
A body with 2 heads in a monstrosity

God is light & God is love
God knew we were unstable
Never fear, God is near

There is one race, the human race
Not use nationalities of mankind to divide
We are all one family in Christ

Perfection = perfection of being bond slave of Christ (Romans 6)

Life is through Him alone


Emmaus Report
By David Harvey, ECS East Asia Coordinator Encourager


One of the first things Christ did after resurrection was to teach 2 of His disciples
We need to know Him more & His power of resurrection

Don’t be a spoon fed Christian
Don’t eat sardines!


2 disciples on the road to Emmaus listened & learned (Luke 24:13-27)
Berean believers searched the scriptures to confirm what they heard (Acts 17:11)

Book publishing
Prison ministries
Correspondence courses

Exists to glorify God by providing biblically-sound resources & study materials

Why use ECS courses?
• Biblically sound
• Trusted writers
• Concise lessons (30-60mins)
• Wide number of subjects

2015 report
• 1.4m distributed
• 1m corrected
• 71% completion rate
• 103 countries
• 80 languages

• Students
• Promoters
• Teachers



Overcoming Challenges
By Peter Ferry, Christian Assembly


Last 57 years lived in Thailand
Originally from Scotland
Thank God for the joy & privilege of serving Him


Paul did not stay on but when had trained men, committed them to the Lord
A great example of one used by the Lord to see local assemblies established whenever he went

Workshop: What worship means
In Thailand almost all from Buddhist background
Worship for Buddhists is subjective looking on
Worship for believers is objective with our eyes fixed on God as we worship
Why do we meet on the Lord’s day?

Workshop: Witnessing
How to witness
Practical experience/role-play
How to speak about salvation
Gone out as a team to the marketplaces

Need for local believers to preach
Need to give younger believers an opportunity to serve
For example, one Sunday worship a month conducted by youth – one to preach, one to lead singing, etc.
All meet together & prepare message together

Work of training is always ongoing

APAC Youth Discussion


Challenges & what works
Focus on 1 to 1 discipleship
Lose young adults going overseas
Challenge of remaining relevant
Chasing money & choices

Struggle with interest, engagement, comforts, many university activities

Success catching gap between form 5 & before beginning university/college & before starting work
Parental & assembly encouragement

Struggle on whether appropriate to use activities to attract youth

What do the students really want to know?

Ageing church population

Help them in problems faced in everyday life

Homosexuality & sex

If the church doesn’t teach, youth will learn from the world

Worldly & think can go to heaven if sin

Difficult for them to hear the gospel

Difficult for believer to find other believers for marriage

Pray for APAC Youth
Platform to bounce ideas & discuss challenges etc
APAC Youth 2018


Cultural Night & Dinner