Practical Christian Living

1 Thessalonians 3-4
By Wong
Theme: Practical Christian Living
In relation to the Lord’s return


Recap nearby chapters:
Ch 1: salvation in relation to the Lord’s coming
Ch 2: service in relation to the Lord’s coming
Ch 3: sanctification set apart to be holy in the coming of the Lord
Ch 4: certainty of resurrection
Ch 5: security of the believer in the days of the wrath of the God

The good news from Thessalonica
• Being a Christian could cost us everything
• We can trust God to do what we cannot do

1) Perfecting that which is lacking
Paul not looking at absolute perfection
But to be completely equipped to continue a journey or perform a task

The sermon on the mount is NOT an ideal list of perfection
God is absolutely perfect

2) Sanctification the will of God
• The Christian life is progressive
• It must be growing towards Christlikeness
• Set apart for holy use (more importantly set aside for God)
• Worshipping a Holy God demands the worshipper to live a holy life

3) A challenge to balanced living
• … Your ambition to lead a quiet life: you should mind your own business & work with your hands
• Answer to the problem of restlessness & wanting to seek attention
• Often mistaken as being zealous for the Lord
• (Not) a compulsive urge to set other people right in their own sight & forgetting to take care of their own problems first
• We serve not only man, but God. Our occupation becomes a powerful sermon when it is done with honesty, diligence & faithfulness
• Our lives are sermons that daily draw others to Jesus or push them away from Him
• How we work is as crucial as how we pray

• A holy life – free from immorality
• A harmonious life – always increasing in brotherly love
• An honest life – living quietly, minding your own business, working with our own hands