Annie’s Anecdote Nov 2013

Sharing from our missionary sister Annie


Greetings to all in the name of our blessed Lord!

My last update was written last Christmas and now another Christmas is just around the corner. The past year had been one marked by several health issues which knocked me out for long periods at a time, but thank God after medical check-ups and a minor surgery during my Home Koinonia the past two months, it was confirmed there is nothing major to be concerned about.

During the times when I was down and out of action, I sensed that perhaps my remaining time in Cambodia will be short, but thanks be to God, I’ve been back in Cambodia for over three weeks now and God willing, I will complete another term of service.

January 2014, would be the 10th anniversary of the day I first stepped into Cambodia.  As I reflect on my life since I left secular work (and the lifestyle & concerns that comes with it), to engage in kingdom work, below are two among several things which I have discovered.

  1. In secular work, most often, we are trained to do a specialized job. In kingdom work, I have so much freedom to use all my God given skills and talents for the good of the people here.  Although it can get very challenging at times, I’m finding out that I can do many things which I would never have thought I could be doing.  For example, I would never have thought that without even a Grade-2-training in music theory, I could be a music teacher with 3 students now able to play the keyboard for meetings.  I would never have imagined that my untrained artistic inclinations will one day result in me designing the signboard and banners for our kindergarten. My latest experiment is to form a choir for Christmas and we are set to have the first ever choir in Suong to sing ‘Joy to the world’ in English and Khmer! I’m really enjoying myself and thanking God for this freedom to use all the skills and talents He has given me to serve Him. There is so much room for creativity!
  2. I am discovering that the more I follow in His footsteps, the more I get to identify with and know Him. For example, if I had not left the comforts of my own home, I may not truly appreciate what our Lord must have gone through when He left the comforts of heaven to live among the poor on earth. In every sphere of life, I realize that what I experience is only a small portion of what He must have gone through, but at least I get to experience it a little.  Other examples – I would never really know how our Lord would have felt if I had not experienced people mocking me because of my identification with Him. There is also a greater awareness of the extent of the Great Shepherd’s care for His sheep as I learn from Him to care for His little lambs. It is not easy, but then there is the overriding joy that comes from seeing a lamb of His growing well. This makes all the sweat & tears worthwhile.

I feel that I have no regrets to give up secular work to engage in kingdom work.  I think I have gained so much more in terms of purpose, meaning and fullness in my life.  I feel like I’m taking a great adventure with the Lord. The steps ahead will not be easy, but they will present opportunities to know my Shepherd a little better. I’m already experiencing some of the blessings that come along the way. I know there will be greater blessings at the finish line.  Meantime, I thank the Lord I can continue to serve Him in Suong another term, to grow in my knowledge of Him as I continue to learn to walk in His steps and follow Him. Pray with me that I may be a better disciple and that I will stay on course till the finish line.   And I pray that many more will be emboldened to lose their lives for Christ and find fullness of life in Him. {ODB tagline – “As we lose our lives for Christ, we find fullness of life in Him.”  (Luke 9:23-24)}


By His Grace,
13 November, 2013