Communication with God

Communication with God.



– God too busy for you?

Mark 8:1-3 (Jesus show care physical needs/hunger/feeding crowd although he is probably tired with teaching & traveling 3days)

– Too busy for God?

Matthew 6:25-33 (Worry eat/drink/wear… Do not worry – God knows you need them)

– We need to spend time daily with God. When we are busy, stressed out & have no time, that’s when we need to spend DOUBLE THE TIME with God.


Learn about spending quality time communicating with God.


Why God – Why does God want you to communicate with Him?

– God of relationships

– God talks directly with Abraham, Moses, etc

– He is our Father

– To love God & be loved

God wants you to love Him, honor Him & have regular communication with Him

Illustration (I): Dating tackle bf/gf or marriage keep relationship on fire. Gifts. Show love. Spend time. Most important to talk & communicate. To really know each other.

Application (A): How would you describe your personal relationship with God? Do you desire to know God a little bit better every day?


How God – How does God communicate with you?

– As the Father speaking to His child

– As the Word of God (the Bible) speaking to your heart

– As the Holy Spirit’s small soft voice guiding your thoughts & actions

God communicates with believers through His Word, prayer & people

I: Hungry? Feel like eating McD can eat in restaurant, drive thru, call delivery or order online. Likewise we have a gracious & accessible God.

A: How often do you spend time reading His Word? Do you worship, thank & talk with God throughout the day?


By God – What is God’s plan for you?

– (Genesis 1:28) Be fruitful & multiply

Not have a dozen children & ask your children to have dozen children (forming your own football team…)

Fruitful in showing & sharing fruits of the spirit

Multiply in sharing the gospel & being used by God to plant seeds in others

God created us to love God, obey God & enjoy His presence

– Come after Jesus – deny self, take up cross & follow Jesus (Mark 8:34)

Christian life not one of wealth & prosperity. Involves hard work, painful lessons & even persecution.

God’s plan is perfect

A: Will you stop trying to control own destiny? Will you seek to know His will & purpose for you? Only way is to know God & communicate with Him.



We have an amazing God!

– Only religion we call our God Abba Father

– Where He is omnipresently everywhere – even within you

– Where His Word speaks directly to us

– Your father is knocking the door. Won’t you speak with God more?

Mission Evening, CMCT

Missions Evening at BRGH. Sharing on Christian Missions Charitable Trust Work in India, Chennai by founder Dr Colleen Redit, Aaron Moses & Ezekiel.
Dr Colleen M Redit on self & CMCT Background
  • Called at age 24 young girl followed an elderly missionary
  • Started teaching 1 girl crafts & God’s Word in a garage
  • Today 27 ministries, over 366 staff including 30 full time social workers who all meet together at chapel service every morning to worship God & study Bible together as one family
  • Went by faith. Trust Him & see if it’s His will.
  • Prayed for more space. Given 3 gifts equal exactly 10% down payment.
  • Run primary & secondary school free for slum students; hospitals; 6 soup kitchens; leprosy rehabilitation program; wheelchair ministry (part of social ministry); street children ministry; orphanage; screen printing unit; industrial training institute; boys & girls rally (Young Christians brigade similar to guides/scouts)
  • All ministries emphasis on teaching the Bible
  • Haven of Hope handicraft center with crafts made by 95 girls/ladies (slums, abusive husbands, etc)
  • Today, India facing challenge of churches persecuted; churches burnt down; Christian organisations persecuted
Aaron on Rainbow Ministry of Hope (HIV/AIDS ministry)
  • 3m people in India with HIV (a major concern)
  • People with HIV/AIDS have stigma, ostracized from society & even family rejection
  • 300+ participants being helped in HIV/AIDS ministry
  • CMCT provides food & nutrition as many live in poverty


Ezekiel on Bridge Gospel Church
  • Started 4 years ago; At 2 locations; Bible-focused Ministry
  • Reach local believers through medical ministry
  • Recently 37 believers baptized & 4th baptism held
  • Please pray for church & work
How can you help?
  • Being a faith partner praying for God’s daily provision
  • Sponsor a child/family (1600+ children)
  • Support a soup kitchen
  • Support a free Medical camp
  • Support General needs of this ministry
  • Short Term Mission to India (4-15 members; typically 10-15 days)
  • More info: CMCT Website
  • Q: Inquiry on Dr Colleen’s health?
    A: Thank you for praying. Spinal surgery successful. Knee operation went well.
  • Q: What opposition is faced?
    A: The Lord’s covering has been on CMCT ministry. Have the trust of people. Especially tsunami village but able to share gospel. Difficult for foreign funding. Income tax very detailed questioning. A need to be very careful with forms & how staff goes out speak to people. Praise God no problems despite opposition.
  • Q: How is the succession planning for CMCT?
    A: Very good structure. 5 people on executive members working alongside & taking responsibility. All projects have heads & assistant heads. Board members around the world. Praying for successor.
  • Q: HIV/AIDS medical cost very expensive especially drugs. How does CMCT cope?
    A: Yes costs very expensive but actually India government providing free treatment. Patient must go to hospital monthly else medical staff will visit. CMCT provides free general medical treatment & helps support specialist doctors.
  • Q: How is HIV transmitted in India?
    A: 94% sexually transmitted. CMCT focuses on women & children as more vulnerable & high suicide rate. Often men away for ling & contract HIV sexually. Often don’t realize until woman is pregnant & test scans reveals.
  • Q: Challenges & advice growing missions & ministries?
    A: Keep eyes on the Lord. People will disappoint. Trust by faith. Must have very strong relationship with God. Seek His will. By faith.