Our Father in Heaven

Adapted from Sun Mar 1 message by Mr Cheah
  • “The Lord’s Prayer” (or should be named “Disciples Prayer”?)
  • Actual Lord’s Prayer is in John 17
  • Prayer involves worshipping & approaching God with due reverence
Our Father in Heaven
  • Faith requirement; acknowledge God as our Father
  • Limitation of earthly fathers but we have a perfect Father who loves, cares & guides us
  • Through faith in Christ we have privilege access to God’s presence
  • Father has authority to withhold & to give
  • Knowing all this allows us to deepen our relationship with God
Honor: Hallowed be your name
  • Our greatest concern is to bring concern to God
  • Hallowed = sacred & holy
  • Requires us demonstrate holiness, separation from evil & devotion to God’s purposes
Expectation: Your kingdom come
  • God’s power, authority & will is forever
  • Are we looking forward & praying for Jesus’ return? We pray for Jesus’ return for the establishment of His eternal kingdom
  • Pray for his purposes & plans to be accomplished on earth even at this time
  • Every one of us in our corner let our light shine as a beacon for God’s word as truth to save
Your will be done
  • God’s purpose is still on the right track even with the sins of men
  • A call for us to pray sincerely to see His plan, purpose & desires to be fulfilled
  • What is His plan? It is in His Word & trusting the Holy Spirit’s guidance
  • Pray, attentive to God’s will & do!
Petition: Give us today our daily bread
  • Right attitude request God to provide for out daily needs
  • Acknowledge & conscious that it’s God who provides
  • We are actually very dependent on God our provider
  • God is loving & provides for His people

    “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭19‬ NIV)

    1. Make request according to God’s plan with the purpose of honouring Him
    2. Allow God to demonstrate his Fatherly love for us
    3. Supply our basic needs & to serve God more effectively
  • Be content with what you have as what you have is more than enough – you have God!
  • When asking for what you want, ensure that you are right by God & what God gives you blessed others
Forgive us our sins
  • We are sinners; anyone who says otherwise is a liar
  • Prayer is a time to be forgiven of our sins
  • Have compassion on others; forgive others
Dependence: Lead us not into temptation; Deliver us from evil
  • By ourselves we will never win the battle of yielding to temptation – need to rely on our God
  • Pray to get our feet out of the path falling into temptation
  • Deliver us from evil one who is full of schemes attacking God’s plan
  • How? Watch & pray
For yours is the kingdom & the power & the glory forever
  • Acknowledgement of the sovereignty of God
  • One day, every knee will bow